HiScan-C Mobile Mapping System

HiScan integrated mobile mapping system is easy and convenient to be mounted on cars, boats or other mobile carriers. HiScan can get high accurate POS data, high-density 3D point clouds data and high-density panorama image data quickly on movement. It creates database for vector map data,makes 3D geographic data and produces street view data based on the data collected.



Key features
1) Home-grown laser scanner
2) Highly matched point cloud and panorama images
3) Easy to be mounted on any vehicle
4) High-density, high-accuracy point cloud
Detail advantage functions
1 Laser scanner 
1) Home-grown laser scanner
2) High cost-performance
3) Stable performance
4) Long range : up tp 650m
5)High density point cloud data
2 Application
1) Internet Street View Map Application
2) Zonal Section Surveying and Mapping
3) 3D Model Application
4) Digital Urban Management Application
5) Digital Traffic Application
6) Digital Waterway or Coastal Zone
3 Data processing software 
1) Comprehensive processing software
2) Completely independent intellectual property rights software
4 Customized service
1)Config different IMU, GPS depend on your needs


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