Hi-Target BS1 hydrographic boat

The Hi-Target iBoat series USV with robust hull design and protective ducted propellers provides an entirely new option for high-resolution shallow-water hydrographic survey.Installed with multiple sensors,iBoat series USV could be controlled remotely to execute planned tasks with the help of satellites positioning.

Swift body of iBoat series USV can approach nearshore terrains where conventional methods are not feasible and safe avoiding the expensive cost of renting vessels.All data is transmitted synchronously through wireless bridge which makes it easy to totally manage the operation for surveyors.



 Hi-Target BS1 hydrographic boat Key Features

1.Portable Double-M design with ducted propellers

2.Manual or autopilot ,switchover at any time

3.Professional sounding module range up to 300m

4.Auto-return while low battery or dropped signal

Detail Advantage Functions

1 Hull module

1)Portable Double-M design with ultra shallow draft

2)Kevlar&carbon high-strength composite

3)Propellers with ducted design and protective shield

4)High endurance with extendable battery

2 Sounding module

1)Professional HD-MAX sounding module range from 0.15~300m

2)Digital and simulative echo signals combined

3)Independent HiMAX software available for collecting,guiding and post-processing

3 Application

1)Underwater topographic survey

2)Underwater landscape survey

3)Hydrographic survey

4)Water quality monitoringhitarget

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